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Mandy Durell

Mandy Durell

Tandem Virtual Resources

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Hello, I am Mandy Durell.

I'm a Virtual Assistant, and I run Tandem Virtual Resources.

Many small business owners get to a stage in their business growth, frustrated and stretched too thin. With only so many hours in a day, they must choose between concentrating on their fee earning work, catching up with admin, or spending time with their family and doing all the things they love.

I solve admin problems, by taking on those repetitive admin tasks, tasks that they don't enjoy doing, or just don't have the skills or inclination to learn how to do. Every business is unique, I can tailor my services to whatever they need.
I can help with general admin, data entry, organising online events, sending out and chasing invoice or meeting minutes.

As a result, this means they can earn more, work fewer hours and take back control of their time.

I know how awful it feels to work all the hours under the sun and still not feel you're doing the best for your customers. It's demoralising, it's demotivating, and you deserve a break!

I have solved this problem for other business owners, simply by listening to their issues and helping them with practical solutions, so they can get back to focusing on their business development.
You can work with me easily, by sending me a message or email.

When businesses work with Tandem Virtual Resources, you'll never have to feel torn between time with the family and honouring business commitments.

As a result, you'll slim down your schedule, scale up your income and live the life you want and deserve.

Get in touch when the admin gets too much!

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