Your Questions Answered

If you have questions about finding or working with a Virtual Assistant we aim to answer them here.

Getting the best out of the Be My VA Directory – Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders

Once you locate a Virtual Assistant that matches your business requirements simply get in touch with them directly via their preferred channels of contact.

As you would with any supplier or professional service provider you should follow regular business disciplines and your own due diligence processes.


Great question, we are the longest established VA Directory in the UK.  Over the years, we have refined who is listed. A large proportion of our listed Virtual Assistants are Award Winning. 

We are not responsible for the outcome of any working relationships, partnerships or purchases. Please use discretion when and if you choose to work with someone.

At the very least you should do your due diligence,  proof of appropriate insurance and data protection registration, professional contracts, have a website and up to date social media profiles etc.

While we make reasonable efforts to ensure that all of the details are correct, we are not liable for any information that may come to light as untrue.

Finding your VA through our directory is easy, and completely FREE. 

Virtual Assistants join our directory in several ways: by invitation if they have won the UKVA Awards or by them paying a subscription fee. However, we still do various checks on them to ensure they are suitable for the Directory.

We are not an employment agency, but do ask that you keep us informed about how the relationship with your VA develops.

There are several ways, by which you can contact the Virtual Assistants listed. The first is via email through our site or secondly, their website and social media accounts are listed on their profile - you can reach out by those methods.

We would recommend that you clearly define, agree and sign off tasks and project requirements and expectations, and also agree terms of business, fee rates and payment terms before starting work with your Virtual Assistant.