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We are fast approaching the mid year point of  the current year, so let me ask you: how’s your business doing?

Are you on track and making progress towards your goals?

Have you started implementing the plans you set at the beginning of the year?

By the way, are you fully leveraging the potential of your virtual assistant (VA)?

I thought I’d bring up the topic of your VA because they play a crucial role in your business success. You’ve made an investment in hiring a VA, so it’s important to ensure you’re maximizing their value.

We’re approaching the midpoint of the year, with some time remaining before the summer holidays kick in for either your children or your clients. This presents a perfect opportunity to conduct a mid-year review of your business and make sure you’re utilising all available resources to help you achieve your objectives.

As a business owner and a parent of school-age children, I know you probably want to spend quality time with your kids during their summer holidays (which are fast approaching!)

Perhaps you even have plans for a summer holiday this year. To make that happen and enjoy guilt-free time away, it’s essential to get things in order beforehand.

Now is the time to review your accomplishments thus far, wrap up projects that are nearing completion, and begin planning for the remainder of the year.  (Is it just me that feels September becomes a new year all over again?)

The effort you invest now will set the stage for the coming months and ensure you’re utilizing your VA to their full potential.

In addition to the regular tasks you delegate to your VA, there are several other responsibilities you can entrust to them. Doing so will free up your time now and allow you to switch off and recharge while you’re away during the summer. It will also enable you to hit the ground running upon your return. Here are some examples:

1. Researching and compiling product materials, presentations, and other resources.
2. Planning your summer launch schedules and drafting those email sequences to maximise impact.
3. Conducting research and creating batches of content such as blog posts and social media updates for the upcoming months.
4. Updating your social media accounts and profiles to maintain an active and engaging online presence over the summer.
5. Organising and archiving files and emails on your computer for improved efficiency.  Also ensuring we are not storing any data that no longer needs to be saved from a GDPR perspective. 

So why not take this opportunity to review your progress thus far, reevaluate your direction, and determine how your VA can best support you in achieving your goals? By leveraging their skills and expertise, you’ll be better positioned for success for the rest of the year.

If you don’t yet have a VA and are thinking – gosh I need someone like this on the team to help me do all of these things – then click the pink button to the right of this blog and search the directory today.

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