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Featured VA – Joanne Hawkins – Executive VPA, Cheshire, UK

Joanne established Executive VPA in early 2012 after spending 4.5 years in the Housebuilding Industry, after witnessing a multitude of redundancies at all levels between 2008 & 2011, she saw the pressure this brought to people desperate to keep their jobs and realised smaller business owners must be facing the same pressure.

She wanted to help those who either couldn’t afford it or their business just didn’t warrant having permanent full time or part time help.

By utilizing her skills and expertise collected over 25 years, Joanne can help businesses who are struggling with Time Management, Structure & Strategy and can assist them with being the success they aspire to be.

As a Virtual PA & Freelance Office Manager (sometimes called an ‘Efficiency Consultant’), Joanne facilitates all resources needed to grow her client’s businesses, working with a bank of highly trained Virtual Assistants and a collective of recommended industry specialists. Executive VPA’s client base ranges from SMEs to National Companies and can confidently adapt to the needs of a wide range of industry sectors.

Joanne is passionate about speaking at network events/seminars on the importance of out-sourcing in order to gain a unique life blend, something she is striving for herself. She believes that when we give 100% of ourselves to whatever personal time we have (even as little as 1 day/evening a week) we’ll commit 100% to our business time, making us more productive and successful. Joanne was recently awarded North of England VA of the Year 2014 and believes that understanding the need to use additional resources to grow her business has contributed to this award.


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