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Featured VA – Michelle Smith – Value Add Business Solutions, Glasgow, UK

Not enough hours in the day? Clocks ticking, deadlines looming, and pressures building…time simply slips away for most businesses, whilst the task list just keeps getting longer and longer. And time doesn’t just mean money – lack of minutes and hours makes work and life a whole lot harder.

Value Add Business Solutions founder Michelle Smith might be virtual, but she certainly knows how to take the time pressure off of business to make life much, much easier. With a superb range of business support services on offer at VABS, Michelle allows her clients the time to get on with what they’re good at, while buoying them up with her very special brand of virtual assistance.

Yes, VABS is virtual, so they’re available, when you need them most. Whether one-off job or retainer, VABS is designed specifically to take up the slack when your business simply can’t find the time. To smooth the daily running of your business, Michelle and her team deliver support services efficiently, effectively and sparking with energy.

So when your business is drowning in paperwork, when your stock’s all to pot, or your backlog too big, VABS will step in and take the heat off. They’ll man the tills at your online shop, keep your books up to date, file your accounts, and fill in your tenders. VABS offer book-keeping, office administration, social media, HR and business support. The VABS team can even help with your sales, marketing and research.

Michelle explains, “Every single service we offer at Value Add Business Solutions is designed to make your life and work easier. We get to know you, your business, what you need and how often you need it. All of our work is done on a contract basis, so you’ve got us when you need us, without paying for staff, sorting National Insurance, tax or sick pay. We’re trained, insured and accredited, and we’re across all the necessary legislation. We’re a virtual business but we’re the real deal when it comes to reliability.”

No matter whether you’re a sole trader, a freelance, an SME or a limited company here or abroad, VABS will keep your office running like clockwork, and get your business back on track. Michelle might be virtual, but the business support services VABS provides are rock solid and real for her ever-expanding client base.

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